Never eat alone and other secrets to success


Some time ago a friend recommended me a book. He said that this is an excellent book that I must read and if I don’t find it, he will give it to me. I took a note about the title and due to the busy schedule, I completely forgot about it.

Few weeks later I visited another friend to take something and we had a chat for a while. When I was going to leave, he said that he can recommend me a book that I will definitely like. Surprisingly, this was the same title: Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi.

When two people recommend me the same book in a short period of time, this wakes up my curiosity. Therefore, I found the book and started reading it.

The book is all about networking and how to grow personally and professionally by being a connector and helping people. It is excellent peace of writing. It brings networking to another level and provides deep insights regarding the benefits of being well connected and helping others when you see an opportunity for that. It also provides good tips on how to expand your network and build mutually beneficial relations.

If you are looking for a good reading, I would strongly recommend you to read this book.