Oerlikon digital hub hackathon


Our colleagues from Oerlikon and their partners are organizing interesting hackathon this week (08.11-10.11) focused on designing digital tools for industrial processes.

They have prepared four challenges, with focus on IoT, Computer Vision and Data Science. They include data captured from real processes on their machines.

Register here if you are interested: https://www.oerlikon.com/en/oerlikon-digital-hub/hackathon/

Of course there are awesome and pretty unique prizes.

About Oerlikon

Oerlikon is a leading engineering company specializing in high performance surface coating technologies, process know-how and their most advanced manufacturing systems as well as advanced materials to fulfill and exceed the performance requirements of key industries like aerospace, medical, automotive and tooling. Additive manufacturing and smart factory conception and installation in large scale yarn and fiber production are further areas of global industry leadership.